service design innovation, Berlin 2019

Empowering consumers to find and schedule maintenance for their apartments and houses with a click or a tap

Target Group

  • Home and apartment owners in large cities with a net income of >3.500 €

  • 30-65 years old

  • Early adopters of new technologies and systems

  • Based in Germany, both from Germany and internationally

  • Educated and busy with their professional lives


  • As preparation for the deep dive into the topic please think about what’s important for this service. Think about who your user is and what their pain points might be. Describe the high-level of how the service solves their potential pain points.

  • Define user flows on the basis of the use cases (e.g. support with arranging the furniture)

  • Develop mockups that illustrate how users will interact with the platform based on the given use cases.

  • What additional features can you think of that will enhance the customer experience for the user on the platform? (e.g. provide pictures with the request, or a short description, or a rating service).

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